👋, Hi there!

I’m Eric and I’m currently a third year Bachelor of Information Technology Student at Monash University

Founder of monPlan
Co-Founder of MARIE.js , geckoDM, [email protected]

You can download my resume here

I love building things 🏗️, whether it’s Software, Mobile Apps or web apps – I would always try out new and awesome tech. I’ve built things in Java (Spring Boot), ReactJS (with Redux), React Native and much more…

Another reason why I love coding and building apps, is that I want to change the world. Such as making education more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone.

I am currently looking to Major in Computer Networks and Security as well as Minor in computer science.

I have not only particpated in Hackathons but also mentored during some hacks such as UniHack Mini 2017 and Hackamon 2018. I also do various tech talks, you can read more about my talks here. This is why, I have worked on many projects which have been used to improve student-community life in general. Such as CHS Newsletter Site, MARIE.js , geckoDM and monPlan


I’ve also been nominated by my managers, senior executives at eSolutions, Monash University for the itnews’ Benchmark Award for 2019


MonPlan Lead Developer

eSolutions, Monash University | Dec 2017 – Present

  • Successfully delivered MonPlan which is the enterprise course planning application forMonash University, from ideation all the way up to an enterprise production application through the multi-million dollar, high-profile Student First program. The application enhanced the business processes and the student experience 
  • Also assisted in the delivery of other innovative student-lead projects to across the University which has paved the way for various departments, faculties and portfolios to adopt other student-lead project.
  • Shaped the delivery pipelines between the various business departments and faculties across the University and the central IT body, allowing for more student-lead projects to take plcae
  • Introduced continuous development and improved developer practices into project team and help shape practices across various teams through eSolutions.
  • Mitigated risk via disclosures of potential security vulnerabilities and initiated privacy reviews to various systems across the University

Software Engineer

Localz | Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

  • Designed and built various components for React Native applications which are highly reusable and maintainable through OO Design, ReactJS and Redux Principles.
  • Improved documentation through building a centralised documentation system using Docusaurus which has improved developer workflow.