Japan: Day 1

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I am finally here! It was a long journey but with a enjoyable short layover in Guangzhou, China (CAN). The journey in was pretty nice, the scenery as we flew over the Japanese mainland was awesome, you can see fishing boats, as well as some mountain ranges (I guess it’s because Japan is an archipelago […]

Building NodeJS Apps on Google’s Scalable Infrastructure for JuniorDev

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Node.js has offered Monash University a very flexible framework to build and develop rapid prototypes and minimal viable products that provide our stakeholders and users with scalable solutions for their needs. The launch of Node.js on App Engine standard has added the bonus of being a fully managed platform, ensuring our teams can focus their […]

Hello world!

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👋 Hello world! 🌏 I’m really excited to announce that after a few weeks of looking at and exploring different options for a new platform to build upon for my personal site. This is that site. Why? 🤷‍♂️ I’ve always loved static sites, but due to complexity of my site it’s really hard to manage, typing stuff in […]