Hello world!

👋 Hello world! 🌏

I’m really excited to announce that after a few weeks of looking at and exploring different options for a new platform to build upon for my personal site. This is that site.

Why? 🤷‍♂️

I’ve always loved static sites, but due to complexity of my site it’s really hard to manage, typing stuff in markdown is not bad (but when you type a lot it gets really tedious).

Especially as I provide lots and lots of interactive content.

I’ve always used WordPress, and hosting it was not really a good option (as it has lots of security vulnerabilities, etc.) and managing lots of DB versions will cost a lot of money, and especially I get sudden peaks of traffic, it simply wasn’t cost effective enough.

In comes Google Cloud Platform ☁️

I use a lot of Google Cloud Platform at work. So I know the ins and outs of Google Cloud Platform, and Google App Engine. By utilising the GAE Standard Environment, I get cheaper and faster scaling and it also supports PHP7.2 in the standard environment. By utilising the WordPress template provided by GCP I had a sandbox instance up in no time!

I also had NameCheap setup so my Nameserver (NS) points to CloudFlare servers, this is so that I get the nice DDOS and Free SSL cert that CloudFlare providers. By setting a custom DNS, I also my project-id hidden. Now, I need to block all access to my Appspot Domain (https://lorderikir-prod.appspot.com). This was done via the Google Application Firewall, all I did was added the CloudFlare IPs to the allow list, and blocked everything else. This means that accessing my appspot domain is impossible, and you could only access it via the CloudFlare network.

The CloudFlare Configuration is setup so it aggressively caches at the Boundary Nodes, so that:

  1. It’s relatively faster to load
  2. It’s protecting all my domains against DDOS attacks.

CloudFlare also auto minifies as everything passes through its network.

Bringing it all Together