Japan: Day 1

I am finally here! It was a long journey but with a enjoyable short layover in Guangzhou, China (CAN).

The journey in was pretty nice, the scenery as we flew over the Japanese mainland was awesome, you can see fishing boats, as well as some mountain ranges (I guess it’s because Japan is an archipelago sorta).

Mt Fuji on the way to Tokyo Handea (HND). I was sitting in 50A which meant I got amazing views. 

After landing in Japan – the time spent going through customs was barely noticeable and meant that I got out really fast. 

After getting out of customs, picking up the WiFi router and getting a Suica Card. Navigating Tokyo’s metro was pretty hard, I ended up taking a “scenic route” and getting lost by taking the wrong train.

Day 1 Dinner: Japanese BBQ: Omlette Rice

For dinner, we went to Japanese BBQ place and it was really nice, we stopped by Tokyo Skytree on the way back and got a few more delicious foods for todays’s breakfast.

I am somehow really satisfied with the grapes
View from Tokyo Skytree

Getting Ready for my trip

For my trip to Japan I had to get many things ready.


My passport expired a few months ago, so I had to renew it. Renewing it was really easy though the Australian Passport Office’s new website https://online.passports.gov.au, as promised I got my passport within 3 weeks.

For the new passport experience: (4 / 5)

Plane Tickets

Because I was going to both China and Japan, I had to book with China Southern Airlines (because of my departure airport from China), it wasn’t that bad though, it only costed a couple hundred dollars extra. 

Overall STA Travel was nice and easy! Would highly recommend to anyone!

STA Travel: (4 / 5)

Another good site to check out is Skyscanner.

Travel Insurance

Getting some decent travel insurance, we originally thought that ordering using my dad’s Citibank Credit Card was automatically going to give me travel insurance – turns out it will if he was travelling with me. (And this is why you always read the PBS)

Anyways, I ordered my Travel Insurance through Travel Insurance Direct which was recommended to me by my friend. And working through what extras I needed was really helpful too – thanks Nick Priebatsch!

TID: (3.8 / 5)

Rail Pass

I ordered my Japan Rail Pass through JTB Travel which was recommended by Japan Railways Group (JR). Service was nice and quick – I managed to get it within 2 days.

JTB: (4 / 5)

Portable Wifi

I also managed to order a portal wifi through https://www.govoyagin.com/ which promises Unlimited Data for 14 days – which is really good!

The provider is Ninja-WiFi which has many brands across Japan and has a couple of stalls in the International Terminal at Haneda Airport.

Overall the router is really good and switches across providers such as Softbank. 

Pricing (4 / 5)

Connectivity (5 / 5)

Travelling to Japan and China 🎉

So after 3 years of working on various project(s): MARIE.js and MonPlan during my holidays and studying full time, I have finally decided to take a nice, long and well-deserved holiday.

So I am really excited to be going to Japan and China right after Uni exams. So keep an eye out on this blog especially the Travel and China 2018, Japan 2018 categories, where I will be blogging and uploading links to photos.