Oct 2016 – Present

MonPlan is the official Monash University Course Planning Tool. This project was started off as an Open Sourced Project by Josh Nelsson-Smith and me.

Key Features include:

  • Preload enrolment data with grades
  • Integration into the university’s Student Management System (SMS)
  • Course Advisors have ability to review course plans
  • Course Progression Guide and helper tool to show what students need to do to complete their degree and nominated area of study

MonPlan is a commercially owned product by Monash University and MonPlan Team Members under a dual-IP agreement.

Copyright © 2016 Р2018 Monash University.

Copyright © 2016 Р2018 MonPlan Team


Mar 2016 РSep 2016 
Sep 2016 – Present (LTS) 

MARIE.js is a very simple and intuitive Assembly Language Simulator. It is a web-based version of the MARIE simulator.

This simulator is used in Monash University – Faculty of Information Technology unit: FIT1047 – Introduction to computer, networks and security. Which is a core unit of all IT courses at Monash University.

MARIE.js is an open-sourced project. 

Copyright¬†¬© 2016 – 2018 Monash University/MARIE.js Team under an MIT¬†license‚Äč


A Chrome Extension used to manage downloading lectures from Echo360.


Other Projects

Other Projects that I have worked on include:

  • Camberwell High School Newsletter Website – Digitalised the fortnightly newsletter issued to parents. With SSO, HTTPS and other cool security features
  • SecScripts¬†– A Bunch of Scripts Which Look at Security Vulnerabilities
  • micro-aushol¬†– A Micro-service for Australian Holidays
  • FlightReminder¬†– A Chrome Extension used to remind users when to book flights, save upcoming flight, etc.
  • MonPlan Legacy API¬†– The original API dedicated to serve up information from a local MongoDB Server.