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Building NodeJS Apps on Google’s Scalable Infrastructure for JuniorDev

Node.js has offered Monash University a very flexible framework to build and develop rapid prototypes and minimal viable products that provide our stakeholders and users with scalable solutions for their needs. The launch of Node.js on App Engine standard has added the bonus of being a fully managed platform, ensuring our teams can focus their efforts on developing products.

Eric Jiang
Quote for Now, you can deploy your Node.js app to App Engine standard environment (Google Cloud Platform Blog)

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Date: September 19, 2018
Presenter(s): Eric Jiang
Location:  Zendesk, Melbourne, Vic AU 3000
Part of JuniorDev Meetup Group, September Code & Tell Session

This talk is a brief introduction to Google Cloud Platform and dives deep into Google App Engine. And Also deploying to Google App Engine

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