Deer in Nara

Day 12: Nara

Nara is a really beautiful city situated near both Osaka and Kyoto. It’s famous for its mochi and the deers.

The trip between Osaka and Nara takes around 40mins (you can get on the express train either at Osaka or Tennoji stations). And it’s a really comfortable ride (not as comfortable as the shinkaisen of course, but still really comfortable) 

After arriving at Nara, we walked to the park and ate some takoyaki. Nara has really good street ffood, and the pipping hot takoyaki was really delicious.

We walked up to the park, at the front gate sat a deer, looking uninterested at the tourists and locals entering the main park. 

The fawns are really cute

We got some deer biscuits (around 150yen) and they started chasing us around the park. They were just looking for food and learnt to bow in order to get a reward, you can see that the older ones were more confident.

A curious deer

There’s also quite a bit of temples around Nara which was also really fun to explore too. 

Nara also has quite a few Buddhist Temples

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