Day 2: Yokohama and Cup Noodle Museum

After a slightly late start, we decided to head down to Yokohama to visit the Cup Noodle Museum as well as exploring the region including Chinatown.

Heading down the trains once again amazed me, even though it was a one hour train ride to the station, but it was quite enjoyable as everyone on the train was quiet and friendly. 

The Amusement Park outside the station. The red brick building is the Cup Noodle Museum
Group Selfie outside the Square. 

After finally making it to the Cup Noodle Factory, we’ve got in and explored the factory before making our own Custom Cup Noodle.

Drawing on own custom Cup noodles

With various entrepreneur themes like “never give up”, “don’t just go with the status quo” and “nurturing ideas – share ideas”, these themes are really inspiring but also are themes that I’ve already seen.

We split up for dinner, some of us went to the catch your own fish restaurant and the other group decided to find a restaurant in Shibuya.

Curry with Tempura Prawns on Rice

After having dinner we decided to head home for the night. Another thing that amazed me was that everything was designed with efficiency in mind, coming from a developers background you can actually see how well designed the train stations are, even though I don’t really know the station I can still get to the right platforms and stuff.

I actually accidentally caught the wrong train again 😅. This time I missed my station because it skipped it. Interestingly I met two other tourists from America, and they also got on the same train. So Jonathan if you’re reading this, hi.

So far, it’s been a really enjoyable experience in Japan – every one is respectable to own another (with a lot of “thank you”s and bowing). 

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