Day 3: Meji Shrine, Takeshita Street and Shibuya Crossing

Today we decided to go to Meji Shrine. Meji Shrine is actually located in a forest in the Middle of Tokyo which makes it look really pretty in the inside.

Torii at the main entrance of the shrine

Walking inside makes you feel a sense of wonder and peacefulness, looking the famous Sake wall with all the various sakes from prefectures across Japan. 

Sake Wall

Walking into the main part of the shrine, after performing Omairi. We walked into the main part of the shrine where gave our wishes to the actual shrine.

Votive Tablets (ema) at Meji Shrine
Group Selfie at the shrine

After leaving the shrine, we had lunch at a really popular ramen store and headed off to the famous Takeshita Street. 

Takeshita Street 

After spending the afternoon browsing Takeshita Street, we went to a Karaoke place (this is the first time I’ve been). I still got the songs stuck in my head. 

Ramen Noodles

We also went and attempted to the Shibuya Crossing and went to the observation deck to look at the crossing.

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