Day 4: Mount Takao

Sitting at 599 metres tall, Mount Takao is a mountain around 1 hour from Tokyo (or 2 hours by train from where we are staying), along with Mt Fuji it is one of the more popular hiking spots around Tokyo.

Taking the train was Mout Takao was really enjoyable, as we were sitting in the first carriage we get the extordinary view as we approached Takaosanguchi Station. It was also a beautiful sunny day with barely any clouds. 

Driver’s Cab on the Keio Takao Line

As we got off the station we were greeted by amazing view of the actual mountain itself and bearing our directions we set off on our hike. Not before we got a cheeky Soy Sauce flavoured Mochi Dango.

We took Route 1 which was the longest and the one with the most scenic views of Mt Takao’s surroundings. The route was a total of 3.8 kilometres.

We stopped halfway for lunch on the observation area (around midway up the mountain). 

“Woah, we’re halfway way there” 

After taking half an hour for a break and lunch, we trekked forwards passing the cable car station onto the next scenic viewing area. 

Looking away from Tokyo you get greeted by this view

Eventually we passed a Buddhist Temple which sits on the mountain.

Eventually we made it to the top after 2.5 hours and it was totally worth it, the views you get and the autumn foliage made Mt Takao really beautiful.

View of Tokyo from Mt Takao

The hike down was nice and fast, and after hitting peak hour metro trains. We stopped by Shinjuku Station to get our actual rail pass. My legs are so sore (did around 21000 steps)

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