Day 6: Ueno Park, Ameyoko Market, Akihibara

After having a rest day yesterday exploring the Kitchenware Street, we headed down to Ueno Park. 

The main walkway in Ueno Park

As it was a public holiday the park was full of people. There even was a ninja event on – which we watched the shows for a bit.

I really like taking bodies of water

Ameyoko Market is a street market where it was a blsck/grey back in post-World War 2. The market was also packed with people, with vendors selling street food (such as kebabs, soup dumplings, takoyaki), clothes, bags and other cool things. One thing we saw everywhere was the hospitality that everyone provided. (I also managed to finally find my dads Christmas present, finally) 

 After lunch at Ameyoko, we headed down to Akihibara to satisfy my weeb tendencies. (there was also a lot of ‘exotic’ material too). And everywhere you go there’s people looking at figurines, manga, posters and other anime materials.

Akihibara was an amazing experience to enjoy the culture of Modern Japan (and for all the weebs and otakus out there, no shame) 

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