Japan: Day 1

I am finally here! It was a long journey but with a enjoyable short layover in Guangzhou, China (CAN).

The journey in was pretty nice, the scenery as we flew over the Japanese mainland was awesome, you can see fishing boats, as well as some mountain ranges (I guess it’s because Japan is an archipelago sorta).

Mt Fuji on the way to Tokyo Handea (HND). I was sitting in 50A which meant I got amazing views. 

After landing in Japan – the time spent going through customs was barely noticeable and meant that I got out really fast. 

After getting out of customs, picking up the WiFi router and getting a Suica Card. Navigating Tokyo’s metro was pretty hard, I ended up taking a “scenic route” and getting lost by taking the wrong train.

Day 1 Dinner: Japanese BBQ: Omlette Rice

For dinner, we went to Japanese BBQ place and it was really nice, we stopped by Tokyo Skytree on the way back and got a few more delicious foods for todays’s breakfast.

I am somehow really satisfied with the grapes
View from Tokyo Skytree
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