Email sent to Josh Frydenberg regarding the AA Bill

Today I sent an email out to my local MP and I’m releasing it for transparency reasons, just in case my claims are not justified. Or the MP himself might claim that he hasn’t received such an email.

To: [email protected]

Hi Josh,
I am writing to you today regarding my concerns regarding the Assistance and Access Bill.
First let me introduce myself, I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology with a major in Computer networks and Security at Monash University and work part time as a Software Engineer for Monash as well. 
When first looking at the Assistance and Access Bill with the knowledge and skills that are learnt from both studying and working. The AA Bill would purposely introduce flaws into our codebase,and in the case we are ordered to by the police and other regulating authorities we have to write these flaws and not tell anyone about it.
Another point is the ethics of the solution. By writing backdoors into our code, we have purposely increased the area of what a hacker can attack. Also this may even result in even more breaches. And what do we tell our users? That we purposely wrote flaws within our code and didn’t attempt to protect their data – from the AustralianComputingSociety that is totally unethical.
It’s just not an ethical issue, by passing the AA Bill, you’ve made every Tech service in Australians harder to export, or potentially made multinational Tech companies less willing to hire Australians or expand to Australia. As a current student, I am extremely concerned about this too, it is already hard to get a graduate position because of the intense competition – you’ve just made it harder. 
And for the record, I am 100% against terrorism within Australia and abroad. I am against this bill because of its potential destructive nature to the people whose data we are protecting – other ordinary Australians and I also believe in the freedom of rights to all Australians. 
I wish that you and the government would reconsider your position.
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Eric Jiang

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